Sunbeam 1000HP (Change Over) Restoration Project Collaboration Land Speed Car T-Shirt

RetroClassic® 1927 Sunbeam 1000HP (Change Over) Restoration Project Collaboration Land Speed Car T-Shirt.

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RetroClassic® 1927 Sunbeam 1000HP (Change Over) Restoration Project Collaboration Land Speed Car T-Shirt.

We are thrilled to be part the National Motor Museum Sunbeam 100hp Restoration Campaign which aims to recommission the legendary Sunbeam 1000hp ‘Slug’ land speed vehicle with the ambition of returning to Daytona Beach for the 100 year anniversary of Sir Henry Segrave’s 203.792 mph world land speed record on March 29th 1927. To do our part we will be donating proceeds of these sales go towards the restoration project.

This design is based on a orginal photo from the National Motor Museum of Sir Henry Segrave leaning in on the Sunbeam 1000hp before the World Land speed record attempt at Daytona 1927.

The Sunbeam 1000 HP Mystery, or "The Slug", is a land speed record-breaking car built by the Sunbeam car company of Wolverhampton that was powered by two aircraft engines. It was the first car to travel at over 200 mph. The car's last run was a demonstration circuit at Brooklands, running at slow speed on only one engine. It is today on display at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu.

Design.Louis Coatalen's Automobiles Talbot-Darracq team was short of funds and so little new development was possible. The engines were a pair of Sunbeam Matabele 22.4 litre aircraft engines, previously used in a powerboat. Although best known as the "1000 HP" car, its actual power was closer to 900 hp (670 kW). One engine was mounted ahead of the driver, one behind. The rear engine was started first by compressed air, then the front engine was started through a mechanical friction clutch. Once synchronised, they were locked together with a dog clutch for the record attempt.

The car was designed by Captain Jack Irving, having new features such as all-enveloping bodywork that assisted aerodynamics. The car also had specially-made tyres capable of withstanding 200 mph, although only rated for 3½ minutes at these speeds. One more primitive feature was the final drive to the rear axle using a pair of chains. Only weeks before the record attempt, it was speculated that J. G. Parry-Thomas had been decapitated when a similar chain in his car Babs had broken at speed. Later investigation of the recovered wreckage suggested instead that the rear right-hand wheel had failed, overturning Babs. Although the Sunbeam's chains were enclosed below an armoured steel housing, these covers had been designed from the beginning, they were not added after Parry-Thomas' accident.

The Sunbeam 1000 HP was the first non-American car to run on Daytona Beach for a land speed record attempt. On 29 March 1927, Henry Segrave drove the car to a new land speed record of 203.79 miles per hour (327.97 km/h), the first car to reach a speed over 200 mph (320 km/h).

Original Image: © National Motor Museum

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This is an official collaboration with the National Motor Museum, and we do not imply any association or relationship with any car brands or manufacturers and it is in no way suggested that this range of clothing is officially approved or authorised by any organisation.

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